What Is PotCoins?

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PotCoin is the primary computerized money made to encourage exchanges inside the authorized cannabis industry. PotCoin is a network based exertion.

A really decentralized self-sufficient association where the network individuals decide their level of contribution, duty and improvement.

PotCoins are exchanged straightforwardly from individual to individual by means of the net, without experiencing a bank or clearing house. This implies the charges are much lower, you can utilize them in each nation and your record can’t be solidified. Sending PotCoin is as simple as sending an email and you can purchase anything with PotCoins.

Your PotCoins are kept in your computerized wallet on your PC or cell phone. The PotCoin organize is anchored by a large number of PCs utilizing cutting edge encryption. Anybody can join the PotCoin arrange and the product is totally open source so anybody can audit the code.

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