What is Blackcoin ?

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BlackCoin (BLK), once in the past BlackCoin (BC), is an open-source distributed digital money initially forked from Novacoin in February 2014. After a short confirmation of-work (scrypt) period, BlackCoin has changed to an unadulterated evidence of-stake agreement component which pays a compound yearly enthusiasm of up to 1% to the partners, contingent upon the measure of blackcoins staked. On the specialized side, BlackCoin’s affirmation times of only 64 seconds make it one on the speediest coins around. One intriguing part of the task is its   BlackCoinPool.com mining pool which mines other elective cryptographic forms of money and utilizations the returns to buy blackcoins on the free market; this makes interest for the cash and it likewise settles its market rate

Blackcoin Faucet

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